Yoga is so much more than just postures. It’s about finding the true essence of our being, beneath all the veils and layers that modern life and years of conditioning have covered up. To break away limiting beliefs of who we think we are to allowing you to seek your highest and true potential.

Yoga an extraordinarily versatile and spiritual tool for living life fully, which can help you achieve whatever you desire. It enables you to gain mastery over your body, emotions, thoughts, behaviour and actions, of which brings greater awareness, consciousness, self expansion, growth  and increased confidence.

It teaches you how to maintain a healthy perspective on the flow of ups and downs of life  and ultimately how to find and sustain true contented happiness.

Donna Marie


About This Yogic Life

Hi my name is Donna Marie, I run This Yogic Life!

I am an award winning Herts & London based passionate expert in transformative yoga for beginners.

Bringing Therapeutic & Accessible Yoga into your home..

Transforming your mind and body through Yoga on and off the mat 

Being trained by the best I make yoga accessible so you can deeply benefit the most from your practice without the fear of injury, fear of not being flexible, strong or fit enough, I am trained to enhance your practice to you can eliminate these worries, concerns, & myths and experience the physical, mental and emotional revitalizing effects of this ancient practice…


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Tuesday Mindful Movement with Donna, 5.30-6.30pm,
The Old Rectory Clinic