Transform the Body and Mind with Yoga.

This course is for you if you…

Think you’re not flexible enough for yoga..

Suffer from tension in the shoulders, back and head (hi fellow office workers and stressed city dwellers!)

Experience tight/tired muscles after training (gym fiends I’m looking at you!)

Have never tried yoga before..

Have practiced yoga before, but would like to revisit the basics

You will learn:

The fundamental basics of yoga..

How to safely practice a series of foundation poses…

As well as touching on the yogic philosophy behind the practice…

How to use yoga props to modify the postures to suit every body type, age and level of fitness…

Safe alignment principles..

Practicing with intention and mindfulness..

The course will also include breathing and meditation techniques to calm the mind.


A regular yoga practice improves core strength..

Increased flexibility and muscle tone..

Body awareness whilst calming the mind through the use of breath…

Increased health, vitality and happiness..

Improved fitness..

Reduced aches and pains..

Improved Posture..

Reducing Stress, tension, depression and anxiety..

Learning from Donna…

I teach with passion and authenticity..

Whereby you embody the postures..

Practicing and have fun, enjoying the process and learning about yourself..

Yoga supports long term vitality and longevity

Sessions are 90 minutes over a weekly 6 week period.


Thurs 7th April, 14th April, 21st April , 28th April, Thurs 5th May , 12th May

To book the course a payment of :

£147 for Nu You Pilates Members | £157 for Non Members

Best to enroll on the course sooner rather than later as this will sell out.