Private Yoga Tuition & 1:1 Coaching

Donna Marie: Expert in 1:1 Transformative Yoga For Beginners 

Bringing Therapeutic & Accessible Yoga into your home..

Transforming your mind and body through Yoga on and off the Mat 

Being trained by the best I make yoga accessible so you can deeply benefit the most from your practice without the fear of injury, fear of not being flexible, strong or fit enough, I am trained to enhance your practice to you can eliminate these worries, concerns, & myths and experience the physical, mental and emotional revitalising effects of this ancient practice. 

OK…so you want to start yoga, right… 

Find deep happiness, fulfillment and true freedom ?

There are many reasons one may start yoga..

Often it’s because we are calling for something that is deeper than just surface level physical..

You maybe new to the practice, never tried it before or you have done some classes and you want to learn more…

You may not be able to make a regular class because of work or social commitments, OR you’re apprehensive about joining a roomful of other people…

OR you feel you could benefit from a personal trainer but you’re nervous about the one-on-one thing…well…

Bespoke Online Yoga Classes are for you….


I have two Options to choose from to work with me..


Here’s my personalized, bespoke yoga experience – all delivered in videos filmed just for you, to suit your specific needs…. 

You’ll receive a phone consultation with me between each yoga video, so that I can deliver yoga videos that are tailored exactly to your ongoing progression…

 This is one personal training session that you can keep forever and use over and over…

First, you choose the yoga package that suits you best…

Maybe you want to try one yoga video for now, or maybe you’ll want to take advantage of a great package deal to save money and set yourself off on your yoga journey to move you forward faster with your health goals..

First, you’ll get a Free Zoom or phone consultation with myself, so that we can work out your specific needs and talk about where you are in your yoga practice, so that we know whether to create a yoga for beginners video or something a little for intermediate.

We’ll then get to work straight away and film your first yoga video…which is designed to suit you down to the ground…

Every video is filmed just for you and only for you.

I’ll send you a link to your yoga video via Vimeo (password protected). 

Which you can either stream online (we’ll keep it up there forever), or download your Bespoke Online Yoga Video directly from Vimeo to keep on your computer, hard drive, pen drive, phone or tablet forever.

Of course, you can use your yoga video as many times as you like, for as long as you like…but as soon as you feel ready to step up and move on, or if your needs change and you want to update your yoga flow, then you’re ready for your next consultation with Donna, before we press record on your next video.

The Benefits..

Practice bespoke online yoga in the comfort and privacy of your own home anytime, wherever you are in the world, using any device (Smartphone, iPad or computer).

Your tailored online yoga classes can be downloaded – meaning you have the opportunity to keep your private yoga videos forever.

These Bespoke Online Yoga Courses are so much more cost-effective than in home/studio private yoga sessions.

You can choose a package that will guide your yoga progression:

  • Try Yoga (One Class Pass) £37
  • 5 Sessions (PT & recording)  £197
  • 10 Sessions (PT & recording) £297 (Free Meditation)


Transformative Coaching & Private Yoga 1:1 Programme

Tailored to your needs 

One of London/ Hert’s leading 1:1 yoga teachers, Donna teaches individuals looking to start or advance their yoga practice.

Have a specific goal in mind?

I offer a bespoke blend of personalised Yoga & 1:1 coaching with an emphasis on tailored yoga practices, shifting mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs to help you upgrade your health and life.

I offer a one month Beginner programme at £1997 8 Sessions 

Or a 2 month Progressive Learner programme at £2997 16 Sessions

Using my bespoke blend of coaching and therapeutic skills, energy management techniques and yoga, I’m here to help you wholly reclaim your power and mastery over your life.   

If you have been feeling out of alignment with your life, while knowing you are meant for so much more, you’re in alignment here.

I centre my work around yoga concepts because they allow us to embody the groundbreaking realizations we discover through coaching.  

We can challenge our physical limits on the yoga mat, and overcome our mental limiting beliefs through the same practice on/ off the mat.  

Whether your biggest challenge is finding strength or slowing down, I will support you every step of the way.

I work with individuals who are ready to fully invest in themselves and committed to their transformation. 

In return, I will also be fully invested and committed to your growth

Transformative Benefits of Yoga 

Maybe your looking to simply feel better in your body, lighter, looser, have more ease and true freedom..

Perhaps you want to experience more profound changes in your life, healthier lifestyle, healthy nutrition, relationships and worldview..

These changes often take place over time, as part of a subtle and organic process, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about yoga that helps you to live a better life but yoga is multi dimensional mind body practice and provides an holistic approach to improving and upgrading your health and well being…

With lifetime lasting results..

Leading to expansion and self evolution..

Self, Spiritual, Sensual & Sexual Mastery…

Greater leadership through discipline..

Greater awareness and solution focused attitude..

Support for your immune system and increased energy, flow in life .. 

Regulation of your blood pressure and heart rate…encourages weight-loss..reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Strength, flexibility, balance, greater endurance, mobility and stamina..

Mindfulness, happiness and gratitude..

Deep transformation of health, body and mind..

To book your programme please email : (Stating the programme you’d like to enrol with)

I offer payment plans for the 1:1 Yoga & Coaching Programme which are three installments. 


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Tuesday Mindful Movement with Donna, 5.30-6.30pm,
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